Lash Extensions

Disclaimer: Each client will vary upon lash fullness based on the individuals natural lash. Must come in with clean lashes. If we need to clean your lashes you will be subject to an additional $15 added to your service. Fills depend on lash retention and will be subject to additional charges if lash retention is poor.

*** We have a strict Customer Satisfaction Policy: If you are experiencing pre mature fall out within 3 Days of your service date or are dissatisfied with your service, you have within those 3 days to contact us via phone about your concerns and we will gladly make the corrections necessary to exceed your expectations. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN AFTER SERVICES HAVE BEEN RENDERED****

Classic Full Set $119
One Lash Extension applied to one Natural Lash. Adding Length and Curl.

Classic Full Set $119

Classic 1 Week Fill $55

Classic 2 Week Fill $60

Classic 3 Week Fill $65

Foreign Fill $70

Wet Lash Look $139
Closed Volume Lashes creating a bolder Classic Lash Look

Wet Lash Full Set $139

Wet Lash 1 Week Fill $60

Wet Lash 2 Week Fill $65

Wet Lash 3 Week Fill $75

Foreign Fill $80

Hybrid Full Set $159
A mix of of One Lash Extension applied to one Natural Lash and Multiple Lash Extension applied to one Natural Lash.

Hybrid Full Set $159

Hybrid 1 Week Fill $65

Hybrid 2 Week Fill $75

Hybrid 3 Week Fill $85

Foreign Fill $90

Volume Full Set $189
1-4 Lash extensions(lash Fans) applied to one Natural Lash

Volume Full Set $189

Volume 1 Week Fill $75

Volume 2 Week Fill $85

Volume 3 Week Fill $95

Volume Foreign Fill $100

Mega Volume Full Set $209
4-10 Lash Extensions (Lash Fans) applied to one Natural Lash

Mega Volume Full Set $209

Mega Volume 1 Week Fill$95

Mega Volume 2 Week Fill $95

Mega Volume 3 Week Fill $105

Other Lash Extension Services

Eye Lash Extension Removal $38

Lash Bath $15

Hair Services

Disclaimer: Each client will vary depending on hair texture, hair color and hair porosity. Multiple sessions may be required as the first session may not achieve your desired results. *** All Hair Color Prices are base prices and are subject to additional charges varied by each client and their hair.***

Hair Cuts and Blow Outs

Men’s Cut $30

Women’s Cut $45

Hair Trim (No Wash/Blowdry/style) $25

Bang Trim (No Wash/Blowdry/Style) $8

Children’s Cut (Wash and Style) $35

Children’s Cur (No Wash/No Style) $25

Blow Out’s $60

Wash and Simple Style $35

Dry Styling $25

Hair Treatments and Perms

Brazilian Blowouts(Base Price) $260+

Olaplex Deep Condition $45

Scalp Treatment $35

Hair Mask (Add-on to Shampoo) $15

Regular Perm (Base Price) $90+

Spiral Perm (Base Price) $160+

Beach Wave Perm (Base Price) $180+

Hair Coloring Services

Full Balayage (Base Price) $210+

Partial Balayage (Base Price) $180+

Full Highlights (Base Price) $190+

Partial Highlights (Base Price) $150+

Low Lights (Base Price) 100+

Basic All Over Color (Base Price) $100+

Color Correction (Base Price) $260+

Root Touch Up (Base Price) $80+

Creative Color (Base Price) $100+

Money Piece (Base Price) $70+

Toner (Base Price) $65+

Double Process (Base Price) $300+

Bleach Wash (Base Price) $60+

Skin Care Services

Custom Facial Treatment $69
A treatment completely customized to your skincare needs and concerns. Consists of a double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, light massage, custom mask and finishing products

Custom Facial+Hydrojelly Mask Treatment $79
Full custom facial treatment with an esthetic hydeojelly mask added on before finishing products. An amazing jelly peel off mask that will be specifically picked based off of your skins needs

PCA Detoxifying Poor Treatment $79
A gentle detoxifying treatment that deeply cleanses the skin and removes impurities. While minimizing pores, balancing out oil production, reduces breakouts and leaves a complete magnifying, hydrating, and clearer result. No downtime treatment & the perfect peel alternative.

Deep Cleansing Facial $89
A treatment completely customized to your skincare needs and concerns,

PCA Enzymatic Treatment $79
Those seeking a more gentle alternative to a chemical peel, this treatment is the perfect choice! Formulated to smooth and brighten the skin, PCA enzymatic treatment is formulated with a combination of enzymatic and alpha hydroxy acids with anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. completely brightens, exfoliates, and strengthens the skin. A no down time treatment for uneven skin tone, dull and stressed skin.

Skin Tightening Facial $99
A 60 minute anti-aging facial using Radio Frequency to tighten and lift. Target of concerns include fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, etc.

PCA Peel Treatment $129
We will begin with a thorough consultation before treatment to truly make sure that your skin is suitable for a chemical peel & as well decide which chemical peel best suits your skin. * Post Care chemical peel kit is included as well for the next 5-7 days*

Dermaplaning Facial $80
This treatment helps remove built up dead skin cells all while also removing “peach fuzz”. The full treatment will be completely customized to your skincare needs.

Men’s Facial Treatment $60
The perfect facial for men! Skincare is universal and is absolutely for everyone. Consisting of a double cleanse, exfoliation,extractions, light massage, mask, high frequency (including in the beard/facial hair region), and lastly finishing products

Back Facial $70
A Customized treatment that includes steam and full cleanse of the back, followed by a skin analysis, exfoliation, mask, and extractions (if needed).

Booty Facial $69
A treatment completely customized to your skincare needs and concerns.

Dermaplaning Add-on $25

LED Light Therapy Add-On $20

Paraffin Hand & Feet Add-On $32

Mini Massage (Add-on) $15

Brazilians, Bikinis, Butt, Vajacials and wax bundles

Deal 1: Vajacial/Brazilian/Underarms $95

Deal 2: Vajacial/Brazilian/Inner Thigh $95

Deal 3: Vajacial/Brazilian/Inner Thigh Happy Trail $99

Deal 4: Vajacial Brazilian/Inner Thigh/Half Leg $119

Deal 5: Vajacial/Brazilian/Inner Thigh/Full Leg $129

Vajacial (Includes Brazilian) $89

Vajacial (With Out Brazilian) $59

Mini Vajacial (Add-on) $25

Brazilian First Time Client (cannot be combined with other offers) $ 40

Brazilian Full Wax $60

Brazilian Maintenance $38

Bikini Full Wax $42

Bikini Maintenance Wax $30

Bikini Line $30

Booty Full Wax $40

Booty Cheeks $19

Butt Strip $18

Facial Wax and More

Full Face Waxing (Brows Included) $70

Full FaceWaxing (Brows Not Included) $50

Cheek Waxing $15

Chin $12

Nostril (Inside Nose) $12

Lips (Top and Bottom) + Chin Waxing $22

Lips (Top and Bottom) $15

Hairline $15

Side Burns $15

Nape Of Neck $20

Brow Threading$22

Womens Wax Services

Full Arm Waxing $50

Upper or Lower Arm $32

Under Arm Waxing $26

Full Leg Waxing $70

Upper or Lower Leg Waxing $40

Inner Thigh $18

Stomach Strip $18

Full Back Wax $50

Partial Back Wax (Upper or Lower) $32

Mens Wax Services

Full Arm Waxing $55

Upper or Lower Arm $35

Under Arm Waxing $26

Shoulder $25

Full Leg $70

Upper or Lower Leg Waxing $45

Side Burns $18

Line Up $15

Full Stomach Waxing $30

Stomach Strip $15

Ear Waxing $20

Full Chest $50

Full Chest Maintenance $40

Full Back $60

Upper Back $35

Lower Back $30

Manzilian Full Wax $89

Manzilian Maintenance Wax $45

Halfzilian Wax$45

Butt Strip $25

Booty Cheeks $30

Body Sculpting, Contouring, LAser Lipo and Vacuum Therapy

1 Area: Body Contouring 45 Minutes $89

1 Area: Body Contouring 60 Minutes $99

2 Areas: 90 Minutes $99

3 Areas: 2 hours $159

1 Area: Laser Lipo 30 Minutes $59

1 Area: Laser Lipo W/Lymph. Massage $79

2 Areas: Laser Lipo 60 Minutes $99

2 Areas:Laser Lipo W/Lymph.Massage$129

Chin Laser Lips 30 Minutes $59

Eye Wrinkle/Crows Feet (RF FACIAL) $79

Chin and Jawline (Ultrasonic Cavi + RF)$89

Face Skin Tightening (RF FACIAL) $99

Face+Neck Skin Tightening(RF FACIAL)$129

Butt Vacuum Therapy $59

Butt Vacuum Therapy + Wood Therapy $79

Mini Massage/Post App Massage $45

PErmanent Makeup

Microblading + Shading (Combo Eyebrows) $400

Microblading + Shading (Combo Eyebrows) 1 Year Touch Up $150

Microblading $300

Microblading 1 Year Touch Up $100